Friday, January 2, 2009

An Apology

Okay folks, this is some serious business here.

I OWE my mother in-law an apology, because I am a bad, bad, BAD son in-law.

Let me start at the beginning...

My in-laws are AWESOME! I mean that sincerely, I mean they are always there for us and they take the kids to Disney World - all by themselves, for something like TWO WEEKS! I can also talk to them about pretty much anything and my father in-law knows how to keep my old house alive, and doesn't lose patience when my non-mechanically inclined mind has to ask the same question, over and over again. And get this, he even does it in a way that I still do the work! How cool is that?

But I don't owe him an apology.

It's my dear sweet, loving and kind mother in-law. I have known this woman for over twenty years, and she has entrusted me with looking after her only daughter - something you don't take lightly. Now, I have, on occasion, made her mad at me and maybe, just maybe I knew what I was doing. Sort of a game. You know, it's fun until someone gets hurt, well, sometimes my joking around can get a little on the unreasonable side, let's say.

Anyway, this has to do with the birth of one of our children, and a trip to Disney World. As luck, or bad planning, would have it one of our children was due to be born close to the time that they would be in Disney - with our niece, and her family (which would be totally cool if they did it with us, but our family is way bigger than theirs - slackers!). As luck would have it, our child was born early and they could not be there, because they were in the Happiest Place on Earth having a jolly good time. I'm not sure if we called or not, probably Jenni did - she's like that.

Everything went well, and the in-laws made their way back home - they live five minutes away, and no that is not a bad thing. Because of the long trip they didn't come over right away, even though we had their dogs. At this point, let me tell you something about myself.

I love my family. I will do anything to make them, or keep them happy. I will fight for my family whenever I feel that they have been wronged. That being said, I continue.

Bill and Pat (the in-laws) come over to look at their latest grandchild, and I was not happy. Why? Well, because they weren't there for the birth, irrational yes, but it's apparently how I am wired. Which makes the fact that Jenni has stuck with me all this time very remarkable, wouldn't you say? So, I'm not happy, and the in-laws are thrilled to see their latest grandchild - Pat's shooting for twelve, and we are definitely holding up our end of the bargain. Still, I couldn't help myself and, let's just say, words were exchanged.

Hurtful words.

Really bad words, no swearing, just mean.

Bill and Pat left, with Pat in tears and my father in-law ready to kick my butt. Not to mention Jenni. At least the couch was comfortable, sort of.

So, she needs an apology and here it is.

Pat, I am truly sorry for the words I used and if I could take them back I would. Can you please forgive me?

Now, for the real zinger, in this whole story. Ready.

It isn't true. In fact, I may have some of the facts wrong, because I never experienced any of it. It was all a dream that Pat had, about our upcoming addition. Now the baby is due July 5, and the are going to Disney with my niece and her family in June. The only way the above scenario happens is if the baby come early, and unless Jenni's health were an issue I wouldn't expect to see them until the end of their trip. Oh and you can be assured that I will not say anything about missing anything. That is a promise.

Pat, I am sorry that you had this bad dream about my behaviour, but I promise that I will not misbehave or say anything mean.

Sweet Dreams!

Holding on to anger, resentment and hurt only gives you tense muscles, a headache and a sore jaw from clenching your teeth. Forgiveness gives you back the laughter and the lightness in your life. - Joan Lunden