Wednesday, November 9, 2011


That's right, chocolate!

That would probably be all that I have right now but it really isn't much, so what I have done here is made the blog do the "dynamic" view thingy that Blogger has made available - it is pretty neat if I say so myself, and in fact, I just did.

What you do is ---- look over there on the upper left hand side of this blog, and you will see the word.... not sure, but I think it will be "Classic" which means that this entry will appear in a normal and upfront manner from which you can view the newest entries and then scroll down to the older stuff, in other words, classic.

Anyway, if you hit the drop down menu you will see several different choices, mosaic, magazine, flip cards, etc... It gives you the opportunity to see my blog through a whole new 'Dynamic' manner.

Pretty cool, eh? I like Magazine and mosaic myself, but I can see the pro's of all the others just as well.

Okay, back to your regularly scheduled life and I will see what I can do about being here more often and updating you on all the fun stuff going on = oh I will also be tinkering a bit with the design, so be patient, both of you.