Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Challenge to Comprehend... Good Luck!

So they fired Joe Paterno last night.

Yet, the idiot coward that actually witnessed the rape of a ten year old boy by a forty or fifty year old man still gets to stand on the sidelines at Penn State University.

I think there is something wrong with that picture.


Got our first bit of snow today - just flurries that didn't stick, but you know it is just a matter of time before they do. Ah winter, you gotta love it. Well, maybe not love it, but it is a part of life liberty and all that jazz right?

I am not on nearly as much of a roll as I was yesterday and I believe that my words per minute will be way less than the forty seven that I got yesterday, I was blazing! Today I am doing more of a trot, not sure why since I have about as much preparation and al in my head now as I did yesterday. Who knows maybe its too early for me to be doing this right now, but since I have already started there really is no turning back, right?


Blah, that's the feeling for the day, blah. I don't know if it is weather related - hey I like the snow - or what. I do know that I am making sure that I take my "Happy Pills" everyday, otherwise my blah would turn into a serious bit of a downer. I hate having depression, it's so, um, depressing. Seriously though, it's tough getting through a day when you really have no desire to to anything at all. I mean not one single iota. People look at you and think why that man is quite lazy, no not really, that man is just depressed and is doing his darnedest to make it through the day without ripping your head off or walking off the edge of a high building just to get the thrill of living back into his system. Granted with the latter, it'll be all over sooner than the former. Although you will have to apologize more, I imagine.


Ring tones annoy me, especially when no one answers the phone. It's almost as bad as listening to a crying baby in a quiet location where crying babies should not be heard. Of course I have plenty of experience with that notion since I have gone through several crying baby stages in my life - we're on phase seven, if you will.

No, I'm not complaining, just merely stating the fact that I know how it is.


How fruitfully bountiful and glorious - no, I don't know either, these things just pop into my head on occasion and if you bother to read it, well great. If you understand it, I have a list of doctors that might be able to give you some assistance. Okay, now that we have all of that out of the way, lets talk dirty.

Not really.

I cannot do that to save my life. If my wife ever wanted me to talk dirty to her in order to save my marriage, I think I would no longer be married, which would be truly sad and tragic, because I love and cherish my wife and family and would never want to lose them for anything in the world. No worries though, because I don't think she wants me to talk dirty to her anyway.

Just shave.


Random thoughts that will pop into my head, at random, will start appearing.... now. Dang, the mind just totally went blank there and I cannot think of anything, not even an abstract fart thought, which are usually good for a laugh or three, especially if they are done tastefully, which all fart references should be. Did you know that a fart is defined as a small explosion between the legs? At least, and I swear on this I do, that was a definition I read for it back in the days of me caring about what silly words like fart mean. And it has stuck with me ever since, so we are talking more than thirty years. No I haven't looked it up again, because well duh, i already know it. truth is that it is a small explosion between the legs, a small explosion of methane exiting the colon and entering the atmosphere and such. Pretty nifty little science minute there kids, aren't you glad that you stuck around to the end? Thanks.

To share or not to share that is the question - you will have the answer if you have actually read this stream of conscience rant of nonsense. I hope you enjoyed it, if you saw it, and will come back for more at a future date.