Thursday, October 22, 2009

Love that Flu from Mexico!

I mean how else could I experience the best of times and the worst of times not to mention that fun experience known as staying home from work.

Daytime Television , now that's excitement!

Now I know how the DVR and TiVo got their start - sick, as in the flu, people at around trying to entertain their rotting minds with some form of, er, ANYTHING! So these, aforementioned sick, people decided that there had to be a cure for this, and people should be able to watch NCIS and Stargate Universe anytime they want to, dang it!

Since I have television on my mind, have you seen that new show "Community ?" Funny stuff.

Okay, so what do we all think of all these extra links? Bells and whistles if you will? I've been playing around with a new program that helps pull in different links, etc. I think that I'll be playing with it a little more, adds a little pizazz, perhaps.