Thursday, August 27, 2009

What Do You Get?

Take an early wake-up call.

A lot of rain.

A car that decides to take matters unto itself and make a difficult decision, easier.

A lot more rain.

Beautiful countryside.

Some crazy yellow shirts, in the rain.

A finicky loft.

A faulty futon.

Nice roommate.

Helpful family.

Interesting Mass.

Really lame attempt at self-importance.

A professor that cannot read his own type-written speech.

Proof that Iowans do not know how to make a proper bratwurst.

More rain.

Limited tears.

Lots of drama.

More tears.

No rain. Yay!

Low air pressure.

Return of the rain.

It all adds up to a really long day, and an interesting story that I hope to do some justice to... later. (I am one tired daddy!) Nonetheless, we are now one 18 year old light of a full house.

Best of luck Andy, we know that you will do great. All our love and support!