Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm Gonna Ramble On

Because I can.

...My hands are killing me, because they had to do some actual physical labor. What was I thinking.

Oh, and I am a wimp.

...NCIS is still one of the coolest shows that I am watching right now, well that and Doctor Who, oh and Warehouse 13, and Dora the Explorer.

Where'd that come from?

...I have a plan and it all stems from trying to give my cousin some help. I figure that I can do this fairly well, so why not?

That's it for now, because I tease.

...Not worried about the Denver Broncos, thanks for asking. I mean it IS only pre-season, and these games don't count for real and for my fantasy teams.

Are you ready for some football?

...Done rambling, back to NCIS.

I love my DVR.