Sunday, August 2, 2009

Things People Do

I had to go in to work today (Boo!), but I got paid time and a half for it (Yay!), even though I should get double time (Boo!), but I have college bills ahead of me, and could use the cash (Yay!).

I'll stop that now (Yay!!)

So on the way to work, there was a man edging his lawn. This man was safety conscious, as he was wearing what appeared to be steel-toed boots, heavy denim, and safety glasses. The gentleman was also very conscious of his body, and showing off his glistening pectoral muscles (not that I checked that closely for any glisten, y'all, it's just a metaphor of sorts, right?), I mean why wear a shirt while doing something that can poke your eye out, gouge your feet and rip up your legs. It's all about impressing the ladies, and apparently the geek on his way to work, on a Sunday.

Plurk is back in my good graces, and is a lot easier to manage than Twitter, in my opinion. Plus, we got a kick butt fantasy league going on there - well once someone gets around to organizing it.

Danny is riding the four-wheeled wonder, that is his sister's old Dora the Explorer bike, with limited assistance from Dad. On the one hand, that is totally awesome. On the other, it is kind of sad because the next thing you know, those training wheels are off, and then college!

I saw the funniest thing while leaving Target this afternoon - an afternoon that was very beautiful, if I say so myself but I can guarantee there would be some agreement on my thoughts. I mean it wasn't too hot, and there was a pleasant breeze, and plenty of blue skies, in other words, perfect.

Perfect for riding around in a convertible, as I saw many of my fellow citizens doing. One of these couples that were riding around in theirs pulled up in the spot next to me at the Target parking lot, and the couple looked like they were enjoying their ride. They then proceeded to roll up the windows on the car, which I found odd because why close that bad boy up and get it all hot, right? They then did something that I still am scratching my head about. You got it, they left the top down.

Did you get that? They rolled up the windows, on the convertible, but left the top down. What exactly is that going to do anyway? Keep any bad guys from opening the doors and taking something, because they didn't notice the HUGE opening on top?

Another Sunday WITHOUT pictures. Blogger really, really hates my home computer, I think. Or maybe my computer hates Blogger.


"Here is a lesson in creative writing. First rule: Do not use semicolons.
They are transvestite hermaphrodites representing absolutely nothing.
All they do is show you’ve been to college.” ~ Kurt Vonnegut


Are you really that bald or is your neck just blowing a bubble?


Must call it a night, tomorrow I start my early mornings... Actually, it's when I TRY to start my early mornings, so my blog schedule may or may not be flipped depending on whether I blog in the AM, or still keep it real in the evenings. Of course, I might start slipping a few in during the day as well. So stay tuned.

I think tomorrow I might be playing catch up on my reader, though. Y'all been busy.