Saturday, November 7, 2009

Star Wars Saturday

"Help me Obi Wan Kenobi..."

So how awesome is it to enjoy one of the greatest movies from your past, with your three=year old son?

Pretty darn awesome, let me tell you.

What started out as replacing my dead TV, (no I don't have my new awesome 52 inch. Yet.) with another old television (heck why not, right?) from the garage turned into a great time with Danny. And to think, all I was doing was making sure that the surround sound was working properly, by popping in Star Wars episode VI Return of the Jedi of course. Next thing I know, Danny is asking what I was doing, then what I was watching. I honestly wasn't even watching it because I had a bad video cable, and it was actually the closing credits anyway.

So, I started it at the beginning, actually thinking it was Star Wars episode IV, with Danny there. Then Jenni suggested that I watch it with Danny...

No problem, except.

The clock downstairs said it was already eight, and I wasn't about to have Danny stay up watching Star Wars until ten thirty, or so.


However, as you may recall, we just did that whole fall back an hour, and it was actually only seven. Danny came down, excitedly, to let me know; "Dad, it's only seven!"

Back to awesome.

Then I started thinking, why start with the third film (yes I know that VI equals six, but George Lucas wanted to start in the middle trilogy, which is a whole other story), when I can start with the first. So I popped it in, and the great 20th Century Fox fanfare plays followed by that great John Williams score!


On a side note, my back speakers kept cutting out, which was quite annoying considering that most of the dialog was on those channels.

Now I would love to tell you that Danny was completely enamored with the fifty-four minutes that we watch, but I can't. He's three!

Anyway, it was a great end to a perfectly lovely day in which I brought my van's true color out by washing it, and I put the plastic up on the back porch to keep those evil, and cold, winter winds from being quite annoying, not to mention sucking any and all heat away, whenever we open the back door. Oh, and we cleaned up the backyard, so we're not as trailer trashy anymore.

However, the best part f the day was watching Star Wars with Danny, by far.

I wonder if Jenni will let us watch all six.