Wednesday, October 31, 2007


It's Halloween - ooh scary!

What's up with the costumes these days? Do I really want my daughters to be parading around looking like some skanky version of Alice in Wonderland? Ridiculous. I would have added a link so that you could see for yourself, yet that would be promoting the nonsense, don't you think? Look ma! I wanna dress up like Paris Hilton! Not in this lifetime kid, at least while I'm still here.

Atleast there have been some stories out there talking about what trashy costumes are out there, and what kind of parents would buy their kids these items, because it's cute. It is also degrading and tasteless, but we don't want to look at that. Having a sense of morality is just so boring!

Okay, so tomorrow at midnight - a mere seven and a half hours away - NaNoWriMo starts. Let's see if we can actually get something written for a change. It would be nice to have a spark of creativity that takes me off into a fantastic world and then allows me to start a new career. Wouldn't that be cool? I think so. So does my family, who are probably tired of hearing about how I 'want' to be a writer. I need to actually give it a chance this time, so I will know if this is what I am called to do. I hope it is, because I have been wanting it for so long now.

Not meaning to jump topics like this and all, but I hate driving on Halloween. Too many kids with costumes that have poor vision, and being hyped up on all those sugary treats, can lead to many a bad situation. I hope and pray that no one gets hurt tonight.

So, Jeff wants me to organize a "Field Day" for the lab. A time where we clean up the lab, usually for a special guest, etc.. Normally, I have a couple of weeks to organize it.... he wants it for this Saturday. How does that saying go, 'a lack of planning on your part, does not make it an emergency on mine.' I really DO NOT want to work cleaning up the lab this weekend. Especially for someone that will see the lab for all of five minutes. Oy! I sent out the "invites" now we'll see if I get any positive responses. I'll let you know tomorrow.

Will this be my last post for October? Probably, here at least, unless I see something worth noting tonight. May happen.

Finally, someone wins against these morons.

Hope that link worked. Basically, it's about these extreme fundamentalists that believe that God is punishing us for allowing gays in the military (or something to do with that lifestyle), and killling our servicemen in the war. So what these braniacs do is go to as many military funerals as they can, and protest. I thought that we were supposed to respect our dead. Especially someone whose life helped to keep those free speech rights alive. Anyway, they are getting socked with a $2.9 million in compensatory damages, the punitives are yet to come. Maybe now they will shut up and read the Bible about compassion, etc.

Okay, I think that I am done here, and I need to go check on my own little 'goblins.' Talk at you later.