Friday, October 26, 2007

Check these out!

Jenni's uncle Alan has a knack for taking great photographs. Okay, a lot of patience as well, I cannot imagine sitting there waiting for the perfect moment to click the shutter and voila' magic!

Anyway, I hope to bring some of his beauty to this blogosphere and maybe beyond, oh yeah, check out his website here to see more of his great work. Not only are there pictures of birds here, but also some very informative essays. A bird watchers (or are they just called "birders") home away from the great outdoors.

The photo's above are as follows... from the planet Juniper, oh wait, that's actually our planet's moon. No kidding. Doesn't it look HUGE? The moon that is. These pictures have not been doctored either. The second is from the same location only a little later, I love the contrasting colors of the shot - like I said he has a knack for some great photos, or is that an eye?

One of my favorite shots of his, recently, is of the train as it passes by the Black River, I think, or maybe it was a lake - yikes, I'll have to find out. Anyway look at the color in that shot, oh yeah, see the ducks sitting on the water as well?

Finally, we have a cardinal. Such a pretty bird. I wish the cardinals that lived in our bushes would come back, but I think we scared them away for good with the hedge trimmer. They have a point, I wouldn't want to live somewhere that has sharp, moving blades overhead every now and again!

Anyway, just thought I would plug Uncle Alan's work, and let you know there will be more to come....