Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is It Worth It?

I mean do I really need to be at work every day from 5am to 8 pm? Do I have to sit and listen to the neanderthal smacking his gums while eating my food? Do I really enjoy hearing how much the neadrathal has done for my career? This is starting to get old fast. Yes, I need the hours so that I can afford to maintain my current lifestyle. Okay, well not really, but the money is nice.

It all started with my desire to take the family to Disney World, and now it's almost like I'm addicted to this crap! I mean I actually feel weird when I take a Sunday off. What is wrong with me? I don't know, but I continue to plug away and hope for the best - whatever that may be.

Now I'm gonna continue on whining....

Actually, I need to get to working on the employee reviews that the neaderthal decided I should write. I should have known that was coming. So, now I'm torn between completing the task - not really too hard, or just blowing it off and watching him sweat. I'm such an evil bastard at times. Especially with these reviews.

No raises for you!

Actually, it will mostly amount to nothing more than 3%, which is considerably less than the current cost of living. How about them apples?!

Okay, I'll stop whining and get back to work!

Rockies are down one in the bottom of the first, not the best of starts, but....

we'll see.