Friday, October 19, 2007

11 Days and Counting...

Until the first of November and that great invention... NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), in which aspiring writers, like myself, try to complete 50000 words for a novel or story. One that hopefully makes sense and can be refined and edited to become the next "BIG" thing. I mean all I want is to be half as rich and famous as J.K. Rowling - no big deal. :-)

Anyway, the problem that I have always found while partaking in this adventure, I never seem to get started. Granted, two years ago, I found out about it around Thanksgiving, which would have given me something like four days to complete 50000 words! You do the math, that's 12500 words per day. I like to write, heck I even love it at times, but 12500 words a day for four days straight!

Last year, I got ready and actually signed up early, October 20-something I believe. Then I proceeded to forget and lack time and lack creativity andblahblahblahblah! Excuses upon excuses, what can I say... Procrastination is for me!

Well, now that I am forty, I am hoping that I have matured enough and will be able to partake in this adventure, complete at least 50000 words, send it off to a publisher and receive a big fat check and a travel schedule that will occupy my time next August. Again, not really too much to ask for, right?

I have a job where I can sneek in some writing, like now for instance (shh don't tell!), and I can never get to bed before 11pm it seems, so that should - in theory - give me at least two hours every night after the kids go to bed to write, plus sneek in an hour or two during the day. Sounds like it will be a succesful mission to me, what do you think?

In other news, Andy actually asked me for some help, and I was able to give it to him. See turning forty has its benefits. Granted it was only after Jenni told him to ask me, and that came after she told Andy that his girlfriend could not come over to help. It's a start.

Baseball news.... The Red Sox won game five to force a return to Bean Town for at least a game six. The Indians of Cleveland lead the Red Sox of Baoston 3 games to 2, in a series to determine who will play the COLORADO ROCKIES!!!

In other news from that great state of Colorado, the Denver Broncos will battle against the Pittsburgh Steelers at Invesco Field on Sunday night. All I have to say about them, for now, is that I never thought I would see the day that the Rockies would over shadow the Broncos. Of course, the way the 'donkeys' are playing right now, it shouldn't surprise me. Hopefully they will get a shot in the arm and a boost to their confidence on Sunday night.

Cliche-ville there, sorry.