Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fire 2, Revolution 1

So, we went to a soccer game last night...

The venue is Toyota Park in Bridgeview, Illinois, which is southwest of Chicago. Think Midway airport and head pretty much due west, I believe. Anyway, Benjy invited his friends R.J. and Michael. A couple of good kids that we've known since they started playing soccer together, six years ago.
Here is the trio above...

Here is Sparky the fire mascot waving the banner of the Chicago Fire, which is basically the emblem of the Chicago Fire Department. They had a bunch of old fire trucks out there and a fireworks display as well. I heard that there was supposed to be cake, as well, but I think we spent too much time watching the fireworks to get any cake. :-) Don't need it anyway.

Here is the New England Revolution flag, like football and baseball, they also have a very good team. While Chicago is embroiled in a battle to make the playoffs, New England clinched a while ago.

Here is how close to the action we were. Roughly twenty feet from the field with no obstructions. Gotta thank the Otto's for the tickets, they were great, and the boys had a great time.

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday Benjy! 13 years old! Wow!!!!!