Saturday, October 13, 2007

How about that?

Can you believe it? The Rockies are two wins away from the World Series! Who are these guys? I mean they have gone 19-1 over the past 20 games.


That is just so awesome. The Broncos are hoping they make it, I bet. So that we fans won't pay as close attention to what ever it is that is going on there in Dove Valley. Yikes!

Now, I am planning an essay, of sorts on what it means to turn forty, especially since that is what I just turned yesterday - yea me!

So now you have something to look forward to. :-)

Going to Newark this afternoon for the annual Dominick-fest! Or whatever they call it. It should be fun getting together with them and their assorted other friends and family. Gonna be a brisk afternoon though, so I might wear pants instead of shorts. Bummer!

Son't get me wrong, I love Autumn, especially if the Summer was extra moist and hot. I just don't like hanging around outside in the wind - don't know too many people that do though.

To answer that question, yep I am at work. Gotta make the funds for my new iTouch! Only six more days, unless something else comes up - stay tuned! Plus, Jenni and I are seriously contemplating taking the kids back to Disney World. Maggie is gonna be Disney'd out, that will be three trips in 15 months for her! Oh to be a kid again!

Okay, gotta go and run another test - C-Ya!