Tuesday, October 2, 2007

New Month

Welcome to 'Rock'tober friends and family. I really don't care too much for that term but, when in Rome... And I think that I am in Rome.

Okay, not really, but you didn't believe that anyway, now did you. Let's see I want to post here on more than a weekly occasion at some point. BUT... I seem to be too busy at home, or tired and work seems to get in the way as well. So how do I solve this quandary? I think that I will be purchasing an Apple iPod Touch, or as I like to call it, and "iTouch." Probably not the only one, either. Now will this improve my statistics of posting? Who knows? i just want one. It's really the first "gadget" that I have wanted for a while. Now some of you out there will decry the size of the memory - I'm getting a 16G version, myself. True the iPod "classic" as they are now calling it has versions that have, I believe, 160G of memory.

Well, that is great if you want to have EVERYTHING at your disposal, but let's be honest here. Are you going to actually NEED all of that? I don't think so. To prove my point, I created a play list with songs I enjoy, and some that I may not, along with all of my pictures, and came to a grand total of almost 5G memory usage. Now, before you go and say what a pathetic play list I have, I can change songs daily, heck, every hour if I wish, and with this 5G I can view all of the pictures of my precious family AND listen to more than 24 hours of music!

Granted if I got stuck on a deserted island somewhere, I might want for more variety, but heck the battery will die after a few days anyway, so I just shot that argument down.

But what about the videos and movies?

What about them? I can add my favorite show - don't really have one, and watch that episode over and ever for a week then download another. Why do I need to have an entire series or season on an iPod to watch? I really don't see the point. Same goes for movies, and they are the biggest memory whores out there!


I don't know what the point of this entry was, well actually I do, and I proved a point that I can pretty much write anything once I sit down and work on it. What a concept. You know what EVERY book on writing says you need to do to become a good writer? You guessed it. Write! So, I will NEED to do this on as frequent an occasion as possible. Spelling errors and all. After all that is what spell check and proof reading are for. Plus, ain't none of this gonna make it into a book anyway!