Monday, December 3, 2007

Good Thing

That I don't have to blog every day anymore, because I really didn't feel like doing any writing yesterday, so I didn't.

I see that I left you all hanging with my adventure through "Weather Land" on Saturday. Well tough, it isn't as memorable anymore, mostly because I can't remember it. :-)

So I will write about other stuff. Fair enough? Hope so, because that is what I am going to do.

PITA was, how do I say this? Boring. Why? Well let me tell you a story...

"Network is down, completely and we can't do crap."

Not a 'Hello,' or a 'How was your weekend?' Or even a 'Boy those Broncos sucked bad yesterday!'

So yes our network went down sometime from when I left on Saturday evening (Ed: Don't you have a story about that?) and when I arrived thhis morning. Hold on....

That is weird. My text here has turned green-ish, like what is on the blog, I must investigate further. That's better, but how will it all look? Let me check.

Okay, not better, so I will have to deal with this color while I type, or... move on to the next post, or something simliar.

Anyway, I get greeted by the above when I get in and have to immediately tell everyone not to panic, it will be okay and to keep working through it... These are grownups, I believe.

"But I can't work without my computer!" Uh, yes you can because all of your jobs do not require a computer to complete them. Granted you cannot process equipment because of the lack of computer network generation crap, but you can work and just fill out your paperwork, the next day that the network is up.

My big issue was, of course, coming here and writing all about it. I apparently surf the web way, way, way too much. Because I was extremely bored out of my mind. I did get a game of RISK in though. Great now the italics have taken over....

More next time... Maybe!