Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Disney Princess Poll, round seven

Back after an extended time away for another round of voting. Only six princesses remain and after this round there will be four in the Disney Princess Poll.

In the last round we saw Belle defeat Jasmine handily by a score of 20-7.

Rapunzel also had an easier than expected time against Merida by sending her to the loser bracket with a score of 18-9.

Speaking of the loser bracket...

In a battle of two classic princesses Cinderella narrowly beat out Aurora 15-12.

Likewise Ariel defeated Snow White by the slimmest of margins 14-13.

That means that princess Aurora and Snow White have been sent back to their princes to live happily ever after, just without the big crown they would have received had they won this tournament.

This round we will see the elimination of two more princesses and set the table for the final battle.

First up, our two remaining undefeated princesses...

In our first elimination, for this round we have...

And finally we have...

So who will go home, and who will have the edge by making it to the finals first? It's all up to you, so go vote and then go out and recruit friends to help push your princess over the top. I'm only going to have this round open for about 48 hours, so time is ticking away. Because the poll will only register one vote per IP address, if your family wants a say, either add it to the comments below, or email me with your picks and I will add them to the tally.

Thanks again for participating!