Monday, April 2, 2012

Chicken, Fries and Bugs oh my!

I live in the Fox Valley in Northern Illinois, roughly fifty miles west of Chicago. It is a nice and quiet little town of roughly 26,000 residents most of the year.

Currently that number has seemed to increase exponentially by, well, a whole lot!

Let's be conservative here and say that the population has increased recently by at least a million. 

Apparently we are having a huge party that someone forgot to invite me to - I seem to always be the last to know these things. I noticed the extra traffic this evening when I took my son to get his favorite snack of "chicken and fries."

So bad was the traffic and the - I'll call it what it is, air pollution - that I had to close my sunroof and windows on the family 'minivan of extreme coolness' just to be able to breathe. It was bad people. Even my son was freaked out and wanted me to fix it.

Have any of you ever tried to fix a problem for a freaked out two year old? Not an easy task, even with the promised chicken and fries.

After that last journey we have decided that venturing into town in the evenings while this great river bug infestation is going on - hopefully it will be over in a couple of days.