Saturday, January 7, 2012

Jumbled, just the way I like it

Because I can and will I think I should do this writing thing now as opposed to later since I will have children to deal with, a wife to love and a work out that is more than way overdue to do. Try saying that last part fast five or six times; overdue to do...

So where were we? I wrote a quick story for Jessie last night, well not really for her per se but  suggested by her and I honestly think it turned out pretty good considering it took me about fifteen minutes to write and there will be lots of words to cut down and even some more to expound upon, or would that be expand from? Not sure the definitions of words in my head are matching up with the definition coming from various and sundry dictionary's. I love that I just used sundry there, as I have always had a strong feeling towards that particular word.

Not really.

However, if I ever were to fall in love with a word, sundry is no worse than say pickle, which just sounds nasty, and then there is the fascination that some people, mostly women, have with the word moist. Why is that I wonder? Maybe I should post that as a status on Plurk or Facebook or Google plus and take a survey as to why that is. Worse thing that will come from that will be... nothing really. Other than people ignoring me, for which I am fond of and thankful for. You see, if I were to become famous I would probably be miserable. Now if I were to be rich, well that I could probably handle.

Lost the rest of another tooth today - about eight minutes ago in fact, or was it more like twelve. Does not really matter in the end, but I think it is coming to a head here with my ignoring the tooth issue and I think that I will be in dire need, or at least some need of some new chompers be they dentures or implants, or maybe I'll just become gummy. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Now that was a phrase that pays oh so long long ago, what maybe ten years? Not nearly as good or as enduring as, if it is to be it is up to me. I so very much love that, along with the phrase all that jazz because of my affinity towards jazz music I guess, although if the truth were to be told I listen to pretty much anything with jazz being a ways down on the list, behind classical music in fact, so since we need to be telling the truth here, I figured that I would get that off of my chest. It is a beautiful thing, music, that makes the world go round and round. Just take a moment and stop what you are doing and listen to the music all around you.

Seriously. The next time you step outside, I want you to just stand there, or sit if you would like, and listen to the music that is playing all around you. You have the slight rustling of leaves, or branches in the areas where we have no leaves left on our trees, and tell me that you don't hear any music. Go ahead, try it, you will be amazed at what amount of noise is being made while being silent. Then you may even find yourself moving to the melody that the leaves, or branches, are playing. It's all good I tell you, and you will not be disappointed. Of course then you will have the obtuse sounds of motor vehicles sputtering along trying to overtake the sweet sounds of the rustling branches and leaves. Occasionally you will hear a sparrow chime in their part or better yet a robin. Ah, music is everywhere. It's even in my head as I am typing this, it kind of sounds like "Boys of Summer" by Don Henley, which brings back memories of a simpler time in my life when I was trying oh so hard to play grown up only to have it fail and I fell flat on my face, yet I still love the song and the image of the kid playing the drums in front of a video screen - such a powerful video and if you get a chance you should go and watch it, and I promise you this, if I post this on the blog, I will have it linked or embedded here, as long as it is legal and all.

By the way, in case you didn't catch that, I have my head phones on and that is the song that is currently playing...

See, I knew you could catch on to these things, just like how it has turned to "Sunset Grill" another excellent song, but one that doesn't hold me as much as "Boys of Summer" which kind of shows a point that I really didn't know I was going about trying to prove, which is music is great and all around you and everyone should stop and turn the volume controls up every now and again, either by being quiet, or plugging in your head phones. Sorry that came out all jumbled and confusing, just like myself every now and again, especially after a few shots of vodka - which I have not had, mind you, so I cannot use that as an excuse.

So where was I going with this today?

Oh yeah, Go Broncos!!