Monday, March 21, 2011

Fun Monday - Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

This month Fun Monday is hosted by In Good Company and for this Monday they ask; if you could invite 5 other people for dinner and conversation, who would be on the guest list?  A famous person, a favorite author, an expert in one of your hobbies or passions, etc.  Do you have a question for them?  (If you want to include the obvious people, that's okay, but maybe there are some other individuals who might enjoy a night out.)

I think I have had this dinner many times (in my head, of course), I wonder how well it will translate.

First off, my list of invitees would include, and due to the rules, be limited to the following five individuals. I have always wanted to sit down and talk to Thomas Jefferson, just to probe his mind and find out what made the man tick. Sure he has his faults, don't we all, but for the most part he did great things with his life and has always been a personal hero of mine.

Second to the party would be Benjamin Franklin. Talk about a genius and I imagine quite a hoot to have around at a dinner party. Oh the stories he could tell, and has told no doubt. One of my to be read books is his autobiography, but being selfish and all, I would love to have him at my exclusive dinner party.

Third on my list would be the author Charles Dickens. I simply love everything that the man has written and would love to visit with him for a long while to see how his thought processes work, and whether he was as tortured when it came to getting down the perfect written word, or if he was more of a free spirit that just ran with whatever ideas hit his head.

Fourth would be Pope Leo I (the great). One I think it would be simply awesome to speak with someone from early in Christianity, yet far enough removed from the actual time that Christ was alive, to get his perspective on the Church then and now. Would he do anything different and how did he get Attila the Hun to stop his march on Rome - can't you just imagine how that conversation went. Then there would also be the conversations between everyone else at the table. As you can imagine, this would be one really long dinner.

Finally, and I hate saying that because like I said, I could easily add another ten people to this list, but I will follow the rules like any civilized man would. I think a little female perspective would be nice, and also since she is royalty, there would be a little give and take, I suspect, between Jefferson, Franklin and herself. I should probably tell you who this mysterious woman is right? Well it is none other than that great queen of England Elizabeth I, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. Sure she may have had some of her little issues, who wouldn't with a father like that. I still find her to be quite a fascinating woman, and would love to have an opportunity to talk to her.

As an aside, I would love to have the leaders of our country (Obama, Reid, Pelosi and Boehner) present as wait staff, with the hopes that they would over hear something about how to govern properly. See how I slipped that little soapbox issue in there? Sneaky, no?

Anyway, there you have my ultimate dinner party, okay probably not ultimate because it would probably change if you were to ask me this again in an hour. Except for Jefferson and Franklin that is. They are always on that special invite.

So who would you have come to dinner? Better yet, what would you eat? Have a great day!