Friday, July 17, 2009

Who Knew?

I have a DVR.

DVRs are way cool, because you can record your favorite show and watch it anytime you want.

DVRs are way cool, because you can skip any and all commercials with the touch of a button.

Lately, I have been taping, uh Digitally recording the show NCIS. As a side, I just have to say I LOVE this show!

NCIS comes on a variety of channels at a variety of times, which in turn, gives you a variety of commercials. Some are harmless, like the Vlasic pickle commercials, others are humorous like say a beer commercial.

Then there are the, uh, how shall I put this? Commercials that talk about enhancements. Male enhancements. Why? I mean seriously, why? Does the Sleuth channel really think that they have a bunch guys watching the show that have nothing else on their minds?

My point.

Nothing, other than I just saw a new one that dealt with vacuum. Eww.

I need to use that fast forward button more.