Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Short Notice

Which of course means that I have less than an hour to get something written here that will make sense and just invite y'all to come on back.

Problems that I have though are these:

  1. No baby yet.
  2. Pretty boring day.
  3. It's getting late. (why I stopped posting a bunch during the day, I have no idea. Maybe it's that job-thing.)
  4. Too many channels with too much on, and yet nothing at all.
  5. I had something, but it ran away screaming, maybe I'll catch it later.

Scary sights/sounds:

  1. Hearing a loved one stop breathing.
  2. Hearing a loved one try to breathe.
  3. Hearing a loved one coughing uncontrollably
  4. Being completely helpless in said situations.
  5. Thankful that everything turned out okay.

Why did this become a group of mini-lists?

  1. Lists are cool, and people read them.
  2. Lists are the next BIG thing and I want to a part of it
  3. I can slip things like this sentence in here, and you might not even notice.
  4. The Ottoman Empire was/is the root of all evil in the world, or maybe it's just some of it.
  5. If Eve didn't eat that apple, would this be a better place?

Survivor man is absolutely nuts! But who hasn't fantasized about being stranded in an African plain, with nothing but your wits and a few supplies to survive on? Okay, maybe you haven't, but it would be fun to try, in my mind. First challenge for me, please: Survive ten days in Walt Disney World.

Getting lame, so I better sign off.