Monday, July 6, 2009

He's Here!

This post will be a slight disappointment to some of you.
Others will say, wow, he's tired.

Still others will say -
we don't care how tired you are bub, you owe us an update, and maybe even a picture, or

Yes, I am tired. I am als
o very happy and proud. Of my beautiful wife Jenni, and my gorgeous new son, Timothy.

That would be Timothy Alexander Miller, the one
born today at 2:37PM, weighing in at eight pounds,
eight ounces and measuring in
at twenty and one half inches in length.

I have so much to say, and so much to show you all,
but I also don't want to do his arrival a disservice, because that just wouldn't be right. I will tell you that he is healthy, and
Jenni is doing great, and I just lost my train of thought. This is why this post will disappoint
some. I better just get to some pictures. What do you think?

Here they are, a small
percentage of those pictures taken this afternoon. More to
come, along with a great delivery story, later. So, with
that being said...


Holy Blogger takeover!! I have no control and can't figure out what is happening - I be tired, remember. So if this post looks odd, well, it is. More later, once I figure out what is going on.