Monday, July 13, 2009

There She(He) Blows!

Timmy is a week old today!

It is so awesome to watch him as he changes and grows up, true a week doesn't seem like much, but I notice things. He is getting better control of his neck muscles, a little bit at a time. He seems to know what he wants his hands to do, but they don't always listen. Oh, and he stares at you when you talk to him, it's almost like he is listening and comprehending everything you say. He might just be doing that, I'll test him in six yeas to see if he can retain the story I shared with him.

Like from his first post-hospital checkup...

It's a simple checkup that is used to see how the baby is doing after a few days outside of the hospital, Timmy was four days old and this was the day when his billirubin(sic) would peak and his weight would bottom out. They also check the vitals, including height, head size, pulse, temperature, etc.

To check a newborns temperature, there is one universal location to have it checked. Most people squirm when they think about it, in fact I just did an involuntary shiver thinking about myself. Anyway, Timmy was squirming and fussing around a bit, because a) he's in a strange place, b) he's on an uncomfortable table, and c) he's naked.

Doctor offices aren't always the warmest places.

Well, the time comes for Timmy to get his temperature, and the nurse lubes up and inserts the thermometer. Timmy gets quiet, and has a calm and almost serene look on his face, which quickly changed to concentration, and Jenni joked that he was gonna "poop the thermometer out."

He did.

It was one of the funniest moments I have experienced in a while. I mean here is this newborn boy, clearly not enjoying what is being done to him, solving his problem the only way he knows how.

My son is a genius!!

To make matters even more clear of his dislike of the nurse and/or Doctor's office, he waits for the perfect moment to display more displeasure. We have the table all cleaned up and are finishing up when "there she blows!" (okay technically it should be he) Timmy decided to baptize the office with his urine.


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