Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Somebody Has To Be Pulling My Leg

To Whom It May Concern:

What the H-E- Double Hockey Sticks is going on around here?

My entire house and everything I own, or at least it seems that way, is breaking.

Now, we don't do laundry like The Philosopher-Mom Kalynne (Happy 20th anniversary, by the way!). However, we do do(hee hee) a fair amount. Okay, I know, I know, Mom does most all of it. Anyway, with six - seven if you count me- kids, our washing machine and dryer get quite the workout. The agitator stopped agitating for a little while (not good), but it does seem to be working, at least until magical Leek week. :) It needs to be replaced, and will be by year's end. I just hope that it lasts until then.

So what are you complaining about there Mr. Mylhibug?

I'm getting there.

Next thing we know, our oven doesn't work. Now, thankfully my in-laws were in the process of re-doing the kitchen and letting their oven go. While we were at Disney World last year, the range was moved into our garage. (Don't go there about our trip to Disney being in September... I have deaf ears to that... just ask Jenni).

You just know that there will be pictures at some point, due to the fact that I just Love do it yourself projects. Which began yesterday, and will continue through Benjy's high school graduation (I kid) - I think.

The dishwasher quit working, last week. I was able to fix that! (Yea Me!)

Bathroom faucet - Kaput! Again, I fixed it - in three hours. You know they make it look so easy on the packaging.

Trampoline - A hole/rip in it. Can you believe that?

Car - Leaky gas line, new car in line, once they find the title.

Teeth - Don't really want to go there, I'll just say that I am a good example of BAD dental hygiene.

Which brings me back to the oven. I was able to get the old oven out, without blowing up the house. Our oven was one of those 'double ovens' which is kind of a misnomer, since the bottom half was just a broiler and not usable for making chocolate chip cookies, cakes, etc. The new oven is a range (I guess) that has an oven and a stove top, so that means (naturally) I need to replace the cabinet, which then leads to the floor, which needs to be replaced due to the water damage from a leaky dishwasher, which means....

I'm NOT giving up on my DISNEY DREAM, darn it!!

Anyway, Mr./Ms. Whom it may concern, thanks for the good times to come... no, really, I mean it. I promise.

Have a nice Spring...