Sunday, April 13, 2008

Down to a 'T'

Today's topic is the letter T.

Yes, instead of an actual letter that is being written to somebody, somewhere. I decided to honor the letter T. Mostly in honor of Damama, because she pointed out - a while back - that I had neglected to mention it as one of my favorite letters. Still not in the top five, but definitely in the top ten. :)

This letter should not be confused with the following:

Tea - A drink with jam and bread (you can sing along if you know the words...)
Liked it so much, I put it in here twice!Tee - What them there golfers hit that little white ball with, or something that little league baseball and softball players use to help get them started.A 'T' - also a technical foul in basketball, when you do some bad things like share your expansive use of four letter words, or talk about dating some one's mother, or daughter.

A 'T' - Also can mean a timeout in football, basketball and hockey.
There is also Tee-shirts. I mean what other letter has a shirt named after it, you tell me.

The longest word, in English, that starts with the letter 'T' is twenty-one letters long: tetrahydrocannabinols - which from what I can gather is a really long word for pot - the illegal substance that people say makes them feel good, or something like that. I have no experience myself, so I cannot share.

There are three words that have the length of two letters that start with the letter 'T': To, Ta, and Ti.

According to my math and where I got the previous tidbits, there are 8782 words that start with the letter 'T' in the English language.

What else could I tell you about the letter 'T?' Why, I'm not sure, but I will end this now, while I still have a sense of sanity...