Friday, April 4, 2008

Absolut-ly Ridiculous

Dear Absolut Vodka~

You have a lot of explaining to do. What are you implying, or trying to imply here?

It's quite obvious in my humble opinion. You are trying to incite a craziness of thinking for the uneducated. By this advertisement you are implying that the Western United States belong to Mexico, and that they were taken illegally from the Mexican people. Time to open a history book now, because the western United States, with the exception of Texas which both countries (technically the Republic of Texas and Mexico) were fighting over possession of the land. We won, the Mexicans lost, how's that go... "All's fair in love and war..."

The remaining territories were purchased, that's right, purchased with cold hard cash for $15.5 million and we relieved your country of it's debt at that time. So, guess what? The western states are the property of the United States and have been since.

All this is rhetoric is going to bring is the patriotism of the United States citizens, and push forward an agenda that would leave the countries to look like this:

Anyway, that is my three cents - which by the way will no longer be used to purchase your product, if you care.


Roger W. Miller II