Monday, January 14, 2008

Winter Makes a Comeback!

Yes, the balmy weather of the past few days - dare I say weeks, is over. Cold is the word Jenni used. Now, some of you out there may think that the temps in the 30's is actually cold. I beg to differ... that's still shorts weather!

Hey, when you have as much insulation as I currently have...

Someone bring me a glass of water!

Anyway, it's only going to be 9 this weekend. Now, we're starting to get cooler. Okay, maybe that is cold. Plus, there will be wind.... there is ALWAYS wind when it gets cold. Something about the lake being warmer and then the wind forms, and I really have no idea what I am talking about. Really.

Do you think drinking six liters of Diet Coke, a day, is unhealthy? Okay, I'll stop at four then!

I wonder if I couldn't taste it, would I eat it? Could be a new diet craze, don't you think? I can see people lining up to have their tastebuds removed. Of course, life would then become rather blah, and kissing would become blase', or is that blaise, or is that... who know's! It just wouldn't be good, or right.

My son is trying to get me to buy tickets for the two of us to go and see Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi! You know that hair band of the eighties... Kind of rock, more pop. Yeah, you know the band... "Runaway," "Shot Through the Heart" and the like.

Speaking of weather.... Snow on the ground and I need to pick up Benjy.

See you later!