Monday, January 21, 2008

Happy MLK Day!

I, of course, am at work. That's okay though, since I get to now "float" this holiday to a date when it will be more beneficial to me, like at the beginning of my Disney trip in December. I will also be "floating" my President's Day holiday to cover the back end of my vacation to Disney.

Can't wait! Just over ten months away!! We are so excited to be going when the Christmas decorations will be up, and then there is the - oh what is it called, the Very Merry Mickey something-or-other? Ugh! I hate when I do that.

I heard some scary news over the weekend.... My Goddaughter can get her Driver's Permit this year. What's up with that?! I mean she's six, right? Actually, she'll be fifteen in September, it's amazing how time seems to fly right on by as we get older. I told her, that if she wanted, I could teach her how to drive. To which I got a rather hesitant "Okay?"

Don't know what the deal is with the questioning tone, I mean I have been driving for well over twenty years now, and... Whoa! Now, I think I will sit down and reflect silently for a minute.......

........ Okay, done. Like I was saying, no major accidents, heck I've only crumpled my hood twice, and only once with my child (who was sitting in the front seat at the tender age of, I think, three). Other than that, just a few unjustly prosecuted speeding tickets, and only a handful of those, okay maybe there were six or seven handfuls, but I'm a good driver. I even have a sticker on the back of my Driver's License that says so.

So there.

The weather is warming up. I think that today it was supposed to get to the low twenties. That is practically shorts weather, if you ask me.

I replaced my kitchen faucet yesterday! It was fun, and a time in which I wish I would have thought to take pictures. Let's put it this was - there is no way in Hades that anyone, anywhere, will be able to reuse the old faucet. Maybe I'll get a picture of it later, garbage day isn't until Thursday. Then I can share the whole story.

Did I do a proper tease? If not, what pointers do you have for moi? Or even for me. :-)

Uh.................................... dramatic pause.................................................. Wow!

Don't know what that was for, just felt like adding it. I wonder if maybe I should start writing and editing these out better, before I post them? Naw, it's not me, not my style. Besides, it's just practice for that masterpiece that is forthcoming.

No really. It is. I promise.

See, now I can't go back on that, can I?

Okay, back to work I go.