Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Oh, What a Day!

The alarm goes off at 4:17am.

I completely, totally, unconditionally hate that alarm! I also ignore it.

At 5:20am the REAL alarm goes off!

"Roger, Wake Up!"

Nnnn. I dnn wnnannana

"Just Get Up!"

Okakskk - or something like that! I don't really recall. I was still asleep.

Shower, skip shave, skip the other (that will come in time, believe me), get dressed and open the door to the frigid land of Chicago! Okay, technically not Chicago, but who the heck knows where Batavia is? Plus, it's actually colder here than by the lake.

But cold is cold, right?

Start the car, on the first attempt no less. Good car. :-) I thank my car every time it starts, I like to keep it happy.

Work, scratch that, PITA begins...

To summarize, woman no one likes comes back after two months of malin..., err injury/disability time, meeting to control every one Else's temper, frozen lift gate, cranky boss, inept employees, sick employees, quarterly waste of time meeting, no OT announcement, boss leaves, I look like a deer in headlights, go home.

Enjoy dinner with the family. First time in while. It was great, except that Benjy was a tad bit upset about #6 hitting the back key while he was uploading something for Maple Story. No more ski trip for Benjy. Too bad, because I was looking forward to going.

Off to RE. That would be Religious Education for those of you not in the know. Eighth grade plus Benjy. Benjy is taking seventh and eighth grade religious ed so he can get confirmed this year. We have a First Holy Communion and a Confirmation this year. Anyway, my neighbor asked me to teach her class for her (she had tickets for the Bulls game). Actually she asked my wife if I could teach, knowing that I love teaching! So off I go to teach the eighth graders about God, actually we were talking about Mary and the Communion of Saints. Was I nervous? Naw, I probably knew most of these kids anyway. Okay, that wasn't true but I still wasn't nervous. I have twenty-odd people that work for me, and I teach thirteen kindergartners Sunday School every week, what is there to be nervous about?

Nada. Zip. Nyet. Nothing.

That's right. Sure it started off a little slowly, but when Mr. Bug gets on a roll, there is just no stopping him. I believe that the kids not only had fun, but even learned a thing or two.

Next up, Girl Scout Cookies....

I am a sucker that is born every minute. I am also the 'Cookie Dad,' and have been for the past three - or is it four years, and I had to prepare the sheets for cookies. I dread this part because the forms are in triplicate and I tend to always make, at least, one mistake. I also have to add up all the cookies ordered, and then make sure I am ordering enough cases of cookies. Then there are the rewards, and figuring out what the girls wanted. It usually takes me about an hour to get through it all. Next month, it's pestering the parents to come and pick up the cookies, then pay for them. Why I choose to do this is unclear, actually the only, I repeat ONLY reason I am doing it this year is because Jenni is the troop leader.

That is it. No other reason. I don't even like the cookies anymore. (Okay, small lie there, I do like them, sorta, kinda a lot)

So, I am dreading the ordering, and guess what? They made it super easy this year! Yes, the Girl Scouts have finally found out how to set up a Spreadsheet!

Way to go, Idaho! (obligatory Toy Story reference)

No reason why I wrote that, it just popped into my head. Scary.

Anyway, it took all of ten minutes! I am so done! NO MORE COOKIE DAD FOR ME!
Plus Jenni isn't going to be the leader next year, and... that's it!

Day over, next stop, my bed and a 2:30am wake up. The Lord needs company, even if it is ten below!

God Bless!