Monday, January 28, 2008

I Need a Better Title...

Now how about this?

I went to the trouble of finding six people to tag, all because Laura had tagged me. Little did I know that I would be caught in a whirlwind of Infinite Regression. Did I get that one right? Who knows? I'll let Aristotle take it from here:

“Some hold that, owing to the necessity of knowing the primary premisses, there is no scientific knowledge. Others think there is, but that all truths are demonstrable. Neither doctrine is either true or a necessary deduction from the premisses. The first school, assuming that there is no way of knowing other than by demonstration, maintain that an infinite regress is involved, on the ground that if behind the prior stands no primary, we could not know the posterior through the prior (wherein they are right, for one cannot traverse an infinite series): if on the other hand – they say – the series terminates and there are primary premisses, yet these are unknowable because incapable of demonstration, which according to them is the only form of knowledge. And since thus one cannot know the primary premisses, knowledge of the conclusions which follow from them is not pure scientific knowledge nor properly knowing at all, but rests on the mere supposition that the premisses are true. The other party agree with them as regards knowing, holding that it is only possible by demonstration, but they see no difficulty in holding that all truths are demonstrated, on the ground that demonstration may be circular and reciprocal.
Our own doctrine is that not all knowledge is demonstrative: on the contrary, knowledge of the immediate premisses is independent of demonstration. (The necessity of this is obvious; for since we must know the prior premisses from which the demonstration is drawn, and since the regress must end in immediate truths, those truths must be indemonstrable.) Such, then, is our doctrine, and in addition we maintain that besides scientific knowledge there is its originative source which enables us to recognize the definitions.”~
Aristotle, Posterior Analytics (Book 1, Part 3

How's that sound Kalynne? Isn't Wikipedia great?

Okay, so now I will answer my second tag in as many hours... I will also follow the fine example set by The Philosopher-Mom and tag only one person - she will find out at the end of this Meme!

  1. I prefer to take NyQuil, regular, only when I am really sick AND it has to be in conjunction with some Chicken Noodle soup AND then I wrap myself up in a cozy comforter and sleep for eight to ten hours straight. I think this is a cure for all my colds, and will try to use it, whenever I can. ( Ed: Can't get any more random than that, now can you?)
  2. Whenever I read a Terry Brooks novel, I hear the song Don't Fear the Reaper, by Blue Oyster Cult, in my head. I think this comes from one of the characters in - I think it was the third book Elf Song of Shanarra, but could have been the second Elf Stones of Shanarra - had a character named, The Reaper. Now I'm going to have to read them all over again. (Ed: This is not going well, and I thought the #2 flushing was bad...)
  3. I have voices in my head that sometimes show up as "Editors" and apparently they change colors as well. (Ed: We like to be versatile, besides that yellow was giving you, thus us, a headache. Now the italics are all us Baby. Oh and the blue was our moment of genius, as well.)
  4. I tend to be long-winded.
  5. I also love irony, and try to use it whenever I get the chance.


  1. Walt Disney World. Although I think that I mentioned this already, so I'll mix it up a bit, and say The Magic Kingdom. I really really love going there and cannot wait until we are there next, in December.
  2. Scotland. Been there, done that, and would love to go back. What beautiful countryside, and the people are friendly as well. Oh and the monster of Loch Ness, she's a beauty, eh?
  3. Vatican City, Italy. Well, I will even take in the sights of Rome, if I need to. :-) Actually, I would love to see the whole country, and I am jealous of the fact that my brother lived there and two of my nieces were born there.
  4. Yosemite National Park. I love seeing it through the lens of the late, great Ansel Adams and I need to go there before I don't care. Or is that remember?
  5. Washington D.C. I know a weird choice, but I LOVE history, and I would love to see the sights and everything out that way, including the Smithsonian and everything else along the Mall. Can't forget the Supreme Court, home of my "Dream Job" as a Supreme Court Justice. Granted, I would have to go back to college, then Law School and work my way up and into the heart of some future president, but I always wanted to be one. Or a writer. Or both, yeah that's the ticket.

My choice for being tagged is obvious, in my mind at least, Jenni over at Miller Time is the "Winner" because she just wants to dive right in to the blogosphere!

That's it for now. I think I will take the advice of Manic Mom and stop while I am ahead on these tags.... then again, some look like fun, so try me. :-)