Wednesday, January 9, 2008


~Why is it I can give advice freely, but have a hard time accepting it from others?

~Why is it that all food in restaurants in the Chicagoland area make me feel like I swallowed five pounds of grease? Even the salads!

~Why is it that more people don't read?

~Why is it okay to promote "safe sex," yet when you try to promote the safest sex, abstinence, you are scorned?

~Why do I care less about the upcoming Presidential election, and more about the season premiere of 'Lost?'

~Why don't I spend more time writing, and less time talking about writing? Or worse, writing about talking about writing?

~Why can't I get into doing my job, lately?

~Why do I feel like I need to move, either farther west, say Byron, or way south, say Alabama?

~Why Alabama?

~Why don't people understand that I do enjoy going to Disney World?

~Why do people ask if they are all mine?

~Why ask why? Drink Bud Dry. (Ed. Too many commercials, young man. Besides you don't even like that brand.)

~Why is the blue sky called blue sky, as opposed to, orange sky?

~Why did Bernice bob her hair?

~Why did I ask that last question?

~Why didn't I start with what? Would have had more questions I bet. (That's why!)

~Why oh why?