Monday, January 28, 2008

My Boss Is...

A big fat wimpy boy.


I'll tell you why. We have an employee here that has consistently been tardy, at least once every two weeks, missed three days because there car was "stolen" and they didn't have any PTO (Paid Time Off) left. Misused the company credit card, not once but three times, (yes I did say three and I am not exaggerating here). Shown up to work in a state other than one being ready to work another four times, that I know of (they have done on site trips where I cannot be a witness, and I took some vacation last year) Then there is the case of having all of their work checked, as opposed to, the 7% rate that everyone else is on. The several occasions that equipment has been shipped to a customer with the wrong paperwork.


The only thing that our customers see is the paperwork, so it is kind of important. This person has known that from day one, yet continues to be lacking in any sense of attention to detail. It's just very frustrating and I had to vent, so there... my steam has been released and I will be all the better for it. I think.

Back to your regularly scheduled whatever. :-)