Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Oh What a Day!!

I love days like this. They tend to challenge you as a human being and make you realize how lucky you really are.

Unfortunately, they also show that there are flaws in people and places that you would never expect.

Alas! I just love that word, and I'm not even sure what it means. I think.

It was Freaking' COLD this morning! Now normally I don't bitch and whine about the cold. Living here sixteen years I have found that there is always a week in January where the temperatures drop to places I would rather not see.

That was last week.

Yesterday it was near 50. This morning -5. That is nearly 55 degrees of difference in about 18 hours. Yikes!! No shorts today.

Of course there were no shorts today - it's a day of work and the frivolity that entails. Today, it was mostly work. Little Miss E. asked if she was getting fired on Friday. All I said was I don't know. That is being as honest as I can be. I know that the 'big guy' wants to let her go but, with him, you never know. Another mostly work item was/is the end of billing for the month.

Ugh, not much today, at least for now. Have to head home for 'family time!'