Saturday, January 26, 2008

Tax Time!!

Yep, and it is all over and done for me now. Which, of course, means that I must be getting a refund. :-)

Mr. Tax man, send me a dream (preferably in CASH). Now it would be nice if it were enough to pay for a vacation somewhere warm, alas poor Bug, it is not so. I think I can buy a case or two of beer though, and Jenni can get some of her fancy drinks as well. Maybe we'll make ourselves a new tax deduction.... You never know what God has in store.

Had fun at work. Yep, even on a Saturday. I only wish that people would realize (the people in this instance being the admin staff), that I get a lot of work done on Saturday's, while getting paid a premium, and I don't really want to be bothered with the normal day-to-day things.

I mean just because I know and have the answers, doesn't mean that I want to be asked, or tell you about it. :-)

I really am a teddy bear at work, and just like to talk tough. I think.

Came home to a night without television. What a beautiful thing. We are practicing for Lent, when we give up the "Boob Tube" for an entire six weeks. And we don't "cheat" on Sundays.

Okay new things on the blog for you to witness, look at, or just ignore. Both new items are courtesy of Philosopher-Mom, so if they really annoy you, go and tell her. She'll love both you and me for it.

The first thing is Blog rush, after they approve me of course. Which, it looks like they might have, because there is content in there. I put my category as aspiring writer, but I think this blog may lean more toward the personal diary category. Oh well, I think I can change it later, if I choose to.

The other is site meter, so I can see how many people aren't coming here. I know that Kalynne got a visitor from France. Which is cool, especially if you can speak French. I took French in ninth grade, oh about 25 years ago. Unfortunately, I can only say/read a couple of phrases so... if you are visiting from France and would like to teach me, then we'll have some fun!

Speaking of France, I too had a visitor from there. She gave me a hard time for my short post from a couple of days ago. So, now I have to make sure that I have long posts. Do they have to be interesting? :-) I can go through the process of calibrating a torque wrench if you'd like, but I would probably fall asleep before I finished, so I think I will stick to talking about me and my family. Oh and we can't forget the weather, the Denver Broncos, the Catholic Church, the...

Did I mention that my taxes are done?

I am as happy as these little people! I don't have to wait for any W-2s. or any 1099-int, -R, -whatever!

Okay, I think that I have been here long enough tonight. Besides there is laundry to be processed, and money to be spent. (Mrs. Bug and I have to figure out which brand of beer to purchase, and whether or not to go with the 'Top Shelf' good stuff this year.)

Have a great evening!