Sunday, January 20, 2008

I Got Nothing

I am serious.

There is nothing in my head, that is worth typing on these pages. Then again, maybe something will come out - it always does. Of course I am assuming that what I have written here previously was worth reading,

Okay, enough self-deprecation.

So our Super Bowl XLII is set. Surprise, surprise it's the New England Patriots, all 18-0 of them. They will be playing the New York Giants. I really don't like the Giants. So much so, that I am now thinking about rooting for the Patriots.


Why did this happen? I mean it was supposed to be Brett Favre's year, wasn't it? What a bummer, dude! Now the team that really matters to me, The Denver Broncos, they haven't played any meaningful games in a while.

* I like seeing commercials for the Cradle adoption services.

* Uze Got It! Or is it U'ze Got It!? Maybe it's Use Got It!? Oh well. Doesn't matter.

* Wrigley from Skokie likes the Insider. - Yeah right, a dog actually cares about what's on TV.

Told you I had nothing.

George Lopez cracks me up. I think I may have mentioned that already.

What I find humorous is Benjy loves this show, I think that he even gets all the jokes.

So, my daughter has an acquaintance that came over today. Who knew that a eleven year old girl knew so much. I mean she was just passing advice out left and right, whether it was requested or not. Then she starts talking back to me. Whoa! Back up the bus kid, my own kids don't even talk to me like that. (Okay, that's not necessarily true, but I'm not going to let her know that.) Of course, this is the daughter of a woman that got into a discussion, or shall I say slight argument, over the spelling of Toboggan.


You see this other lady, we'll call her 'E,' seems to think that Toboggan starts out 'Ta...' All my wife said was, no it's 'To...' No big deal, right? Well a little bit later, 'E' comes back and says "Ha! I told you it was Ta..." To which my wife smartly pulled out the actual spelling list that showed the correct spelling. For that effort, all she got was a "whatever."

Okay, vent over.

Now, I really got nothing.

Good Night.