Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Sirius/XM radio musings

Listening to Sirius/XM radio for the past week, mostly Hits One, which is channel two in case you are wondering and it got me to thinking....

Do these singers really experience all this sex and glamour that they claim or is it just for show?

If so, how do they afford such things?

Why do I care whether Ariana Grande is a diva or not?

Why is it All about that Bass?

Thank goodness there are another hundred plus channels.

The 80's on 8 are always good for a trip down memory lane, even the songs I don't really remember.

Why do I keep going to the Electronic/Dance music channels (51 and 52, I think)? It's not like I'm at the club, ever!

The 40's on 4 is actually a  really great station.

Disco still sucks, but I find that I can tolerate it more, weird.

I love the Books channel, but only if I catch a book at the beginning, I mean who wants to hear a great climax without the buildup? It's like sex without the foreplay, I would imagine.

There are a ton of sports options, which is cool.

All that being said, I would never pay for it. I'm too cheap and would rather listen to an audio book, but if it comes with my rental, I won't turn my nose up to it.