Friday, August 20, 2010

The One Where I talk about Eat, Pray, Love. Kind of.

Most of you have heard of the book Eat, Pray, Love, or maybe you have seen the movie by the same title starring Julia Roberts. Personally, I have not read, nor do I think that I will read the book, and the same goes for the movie. They just aren't my cup of tea.

So, Roger, why are you writing about this book and movie that you won't even check out because they might offend your masculine-ness? Well, because... let me tell you about myself a little bit here, I am a curious sort and every now and again I get a jolt to the brain and start looking things up. I should write down that process sometime so that people might start understanding me better, nah, what fun would that be. Maybe.

Anyway, in the process of one of my little 'mind jolts' I came across the story about Eat, Pray, Love and its author Elizabeth Gilbert. Probably started from a blog I was reading, yeah it was here at Chocolate for your Brain that got the whole thing started, because I was curious about this book, actually the story about the book - because I had no idea that it was an actual memoir.

That in turn led me to Swagbucks, which in turn led me to a whole gaggle of information about one Elizabeth Gilbert and her memoir, Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across, Italy, India, and Indonesia. Which, in turn, led me to her website, which then led me to the whole inspiration behind this little blurb today, the video below. The reason I am sharing this video with you, should be obvious, is because I thought it to be very entertaining and a bit educational, or maybe it was the other way around and was very educational and a bit entertaining. I'll leave that for you to decide. Fair warning, it's something like nineteen minutes long. But it's a fast nineteen minutes.

So with that, I say enjoy...

No, I still don't think I will read the memoir, her other stuff maybe but only if I am feeling contemplative, I guess. Oh, and just because I won't, doesn't mean that you shouldn't. Seriously.

Okay, I'm really leaving now... Bye-bye!