Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Phase Two - Photographic Essay (With some words)

Welcome to the Phase Two Photographic Essay...

I will try to limit my wit, but sometimes I just can't help myself. :)

Meet the Head-Banger...

The Head-Banger is synonymous for, well, banging one's head on. Hard to imagine, right? What with it being all of two feet above the stove. At least it kept me from safely looking into a pot - only a few minor burns...

This would be me inspecting the top of the Head-Banger...

Why you ask? Isn't it obvious? Momma never lets me climb on the counter tops, so... I found an opportunity and I took it! That and I wanted to share a life lesson with Mr. Lee, aka Cubbie, about why marriage is such a joy, because you get to do projects like this.

He is starting to seriously consider the seminary I think. :)

What's a project without a little demolition? Need I say more? I thought not.

Here's a close-up of the damage, with a little birdy* in the attic.

*that would be Benjy, in case you were wondering.

Look ma! We got ourselves a crack!

No, don't look at that, look at me, holding up the H-B! That is what is important here. The crack will just have to wait for another day/post.


Okay, I really thought that I had adjusted this picture so it was right side up, unfortunately, I was wrong.

Those of you with laptops can still enjoy the artistry, just tip your laptop clockwise ninety degrees, and there you have it. :)

One of us needs to lose some weight, I mean really Roger, what will your family think?

You don't want to know, I imagine.

Actually, you can probably guess.

There's Benjy again...This is the ugly old stove...

This is kind of what it looks like now. I know, can you believe that we don't have a picture of the hole? So, I started to play with paint and... well, I need some practice, I think.

That's it. And that is as far as I have gotten, so far.

Hey! I work during the week, give me a break.

I think that I am supposed to sand the old hardwood this weekend... too bad there won't be any sanders available for rental...

Shhh. Don't tell.

I leave you with a two and three year old playing on the trampoline - in a driving rain storm...

Or through a screen at least.

Sheesh, you all must think I am something awful.

American Idol note... Go David!

I can't lose with that one. :)

Good Night and God Bless!