Saturday, May 3, 2008

Just So You Know...

I was showing you all my strong but silent voice yesterday.

No really, it was another one of those "voices" of mine.

We were playing the "Quiet Game."

At least that is what I am telling the "rules committee."

I wonder if they will buy it?

ANYWAY, I have tons to catch up on, BUT it probably won't happen today. Sorry. You see Cuddlebug is receiving her first Holy Communion today - then we're having a party for both that and Benjy's Confirmation - THEN we'll be playing on the in-laws new Wii! You just know that there is going to be some serious Guitar Hero III playing going on.

Oh and I still have to finish the kitchen floor - Jenni is running out of patience. (Go Figure!)

Speaking of which (the floor), I better get cracking otherwise Daddy is gonna be in BIG TROUBLE!!