Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Catching Up (a little at a time)...

On a little project... Before floor = white tile, After floor = pretty laminate.

Notice the time stamps. Yes, it did take me nearly a month of procrastinating, but it is done.


I enjoy these kinds of blog posts, because I don't have to think too much. Which is good. Right?

Here is Cuddlebug in her communion dress...

No Benjy or Jessie in this pic. Why? Glad you asked, because they were definitely there. They were singing in the choir, and we never got a chance to get all six together at church. Crazy mobs of people, let me tell ya!I like this picture, even if Katie doesn't look all there. I see my Cuddlebug and her crazy/ditsy/sharp-as-a-tack personality all rolled up in this one picture. Whereas you see a cute eight year old. Pretty cool that perspective thing, don't you think?

Katie and Monsignor Daniel Deutsch.

Finally, we have...

All Aboard the Disney Express! Yep my baby girl is in Disney World as we speak, probably dreaming of her dinner tonight with Cinderella and the other princesses. I'll have to post the picture that the in-laws sent up of Mags in her very pretty dress. Now if they could just get her to try a ride or two...

Off they go, to a wonderful world of magic. I am so jealous, but at least we will be going later this year in December. Woo- Hoo!!!

I think that catches us up. I promise to have more details later regarding all of these and then some - I'm like that you know. Right now, I am in need of my pillow, because 3am will be here before I know it.


Good Night and God Bless!