Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Chunky Loses Some Weight!

I couldn't believe it when Chunky called. I mean he has been rather lax as of late. I believe his schedule looked like this:

Mon - 3 Miles brisk walk
Tues - 3 Miles brisk walk
Weds - 3.5 Miles brisk walk
Thu - 3 Miles brisk walk
Fri - Day of rest
Sat - Day of Feasting and rest
Sun - Day of laying on his fat behind, feasting and resting.
Mon - Needed help up from the sofa
Today - 3.5 Miles brisk walk

How's that for some updating?

Now, you are no doubt wondering how Chunky lost this weight, so was I.

Chunky told me.

I then asked if I could share his secret.

He said sure, but only after he had the eight-layered double-stuffed Oreo cookies, with chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream (five scoops). I said "Chunky that cannot help." He just told me to shut it and bring me the cookies and cream. And a glass of milk.

The secret was forgotten.

I decided to play it rough after that, by withholding food from the beast. He finally relented, and Chunky told me that I could share how he had lost a whole three pounds...

He got a haircut.