Friday, April 17, 2009

Half Blood Prince

You may find this hard to believe, but I am a big fan of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. I am also a fan of good writing, so when you get the combination of good writing and sci-fi or fantasy, I tend to be a happy camper. Now, if you can portray that onto the movie screen, well that is quite an accomplishment. One that very rarely happens. In fact, I can think of a few movies that were as good as the book they were adapted from, or better. The Shawshank Redemption comes to mind immediately as a story that was adapted to film very well, especially when you consider the fact that the story was not a novel, nor even a novella, more like a short story. 

Most of the time, unfortunately, the words just don't translate well on the big screen. See Sahara for an example, which had the title of the Clive Cussler novel, and the general location, Africa, of the novel. Yet the story was seriously lacking. Oh, I enjoy the movie well enough, but I knew going in, that they had left out key parts of the book, so I wasn't expecting a good adaptation.

So, Roger, what the heck are you rambling on about? 

Well, they have released a new trailer for the next Harry Potter movie  -- I know, I know, there are some of you that don't like the stories, but have you actually read them? Because if you haven't, you don't really have any ground to stand on, in my book. Sorry. Well, not really sorry, because if you don't like something based on what you think is going on, you will be disappointed and look kind of ignorant. Touchy am I? Yeah, probably. I don't like it when people decide to discredit something without actually reading it. 

Okay, stepping down from the box now...

Here's what prompted my rant, enjoy if you can, I know I did.