Thursday, April 16, 2009


What would you do if you could increase your strength, your ability to read and comprehend what you read, and your speed one hundred fold?

Eat lots of steaks, no doubt.

Oh, and maybe kick some Goa'uld butt.

Granted there may be a drawback, like there is a time limit, because your body will eventually reject your new found abilities - probably right in the middle of an illegal covert operation, no doubt.

On a different, more realistic note, the mighty Blackhawks of Chicago have taken a one game to none lead in their best-of-seven playoff series versus the Flames of Calgary, in overtime. More like twelve seconds into overtime. Let's go Blackhawks!

That will be it for me tonight. I had something else to say, but... I'm distracted, by SG-1 being trapped in a new Goa'uld 'Super-Ship' that is about to self-destruct, and I'm worried about the team, so bye-bye.