Thursday, April 9, 2009

Zebras Rock

So today we finished off our latest audit, to make sure that we know how to do what we say we know how to do.

We passed!

What does that mean? Well, obviously it means that we get to continue doing what we said we could do, because the inspectors verified that we do indeed know how to do it.


Death sucks. Very rarely are you ready for it, and I know of two very recent deaths that are affecting a lot of people.

One was a sweet little girl named Maddie. I don't know the whole story, but the blogging world is reaching out and helping out, by joining the March of Dimes March for Babies. Some groups are getting together and walking as a team, like a group of Pittsburgh bloggers, led by Michelle at BurghBaby. Go here for more information regarding the walk and little Maddie. If you can donate a little, please do. Or maybe you can even get your own team together and help out that way. Go to the March of Dimes website for more information.

The other story that is in the news is about a promising young pitcher for the Los Angeles Angels, Nick Adenhart (22) was killed by a minivan that, allegedly, ran a red light slamming into Adenhart's car, and another car. All told the driver killed three people because of his alleged carelessness. What's worse, he ran away from the scene. The whole story is here, if you want to read it.

In other news...

The Somalian pirates still have an American captain being held hostage - it's time we nipped this thing in the bud and start to take some serious action, like wiping the scum off the map. Too harsh, I think not. After all they are the aggressors, and should know that someone will be fighting back sooner or later. Is it a coincidence that now that we have a weak president, that the USA finds itself facing more and more challenges from these little piss ant countries. 

I know, you all are thinking that just because I really don't like the president that this is another hack job. Uh, I'm not professional enough to be a hack. I just call them as I see them, and right now, with our president bowing down to false kings, apologizing for 'American arrogance,' blaming everything on former president Bush (some things he did are wrong, but not EVERYTHING), and sitting back wagging his finger at that idiot in North Korea and giving him more power by allowing him to shoot off rockets, without any consequences. Give in to piss ants like North Korea and Somalia, next thing you know we'll be giving in to Russia and China. All because he doesn't want to offend anybody.

Now see if I was a true hack, that would have been written much better. So I'm just a partial hack. Maybe a hack in training, if you will.

Oh, and at the Zoo - Zebras, do rock!