Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am a HUGE fan of Stargate SG-1 and forgot how funny and great this episode was.

The episode is called "Urgo" and it guest stars Dom Deluise as an alien conscience that was implanted into the SG-1 team. More specifically, it is episode 16 of season number 3.

Another great show that I watched tonight was,,, LOST.

We learned a few things; like what Sawyer asked Kate to do before he jumped out from the helicopter. We also learned about what happened to Aaron. I swear that I even glimpsed an older version of Claire, but no one else that I was chatting with, on Plurk, saw it. So maybe it was just my imagination. Then there was Benjamin Linus, young and innocent and shot in the gut by Sayid, well now we know why he is, well, the way he is.

Next week looks to be another real doozy of a show, so we know where I'll be, right?

On that other real popular show, American Idol, my daughter Maggie's favorite singer - Megan - was sent packing. At least Megan, gets to go home to her baby son, which is way more important anyway.

That's it for now,,, C Ya!