Tuesday, January 12, 2010

American Idol - Live Blog

Sort of.

Opens with the news that Paula will not be on the show this year...

First girl practiced in front of the video game, and since the game liked her she figured that the real judges would like her as well.

Um, no.

Next up, is a 16 year old girl with an adopted brother that has Downs Syndrome. I'm liking her voice and so far the judges are liking her. Simon says "Unlike most 16 year olds that come in here, you are not annoying." Too funny, yet so true.

Off to Hollywood for her! Yay!

Now we are seeing a montage of some really annoying and bad singers, oh and they can't dance either. Ugh! I'm missing NCIS for this?

Whoa! Randy just told the kid to "Stop singing forever." Is this the newer, harsher Randy?

By noon, only the girls had made it through... Commercial time!

Oh, I forgot to mention that we are in Boston. Oh and "Posh Spice" is the guest judge tonight.

Now comes a 28 year old dude, that has a large family, that enjoys eating. He has a really strong voice and the judges like him, so it's hooray for Hollywood! Simon even said he was the best that he had heard "today."

Now we have Mr. Long Hair that said he "gradutated" to music. Seriously, he said that. He looks like a blond Jesus, if you can excuse the blasphemy I just spoke/wrote. The judges are laughing - never a good sign.

He's gone!

Montage of "no's" now. So sad. Lots of tears.

Ooh, nice tease. Looks like we have ourselves a psycho coming up.

Before that we have someone that thinks she can sing Janis Joplin. Dude, not a chance. Maybe if I stepped on my cat I could emulate the sound coming out of her. It was brutal, and if she paid 14 years for that performance - she should ask for her money back.

Now the guys are singing much better.

Oh my goodness, this guy just doesn't get it. He's very arrogant and is getting annoyed by the constant questioning, blah, blah, blah. Oh, he can't sing very well either. I take it back, his voice is okay, but he has no rhythm. He's very impatient, and he seems to be shocked that people are calling him out on his "anger" and "aggressiveness." He says that he was trying to look confident. Everyone says no, except Paula Simon!

Kara just said that he should be spanked.

Here come the commercials ... and the "inspiring" stories.

Bedtime for Danny ... be back soon.

Just caught the end of an act, that Simon says is "it" - isn't that the curse of American Idol, we'll see in five months, I guess.

Next up, the drummer that fell out of a tree and broke both of his arms. Bad news for the drumming career. Good thing he can sing, not sure how Simon and Randy liked him, but the girls really liked him. I mean embarrassingly so. He's off to Hollywood!

Just thought I would mention that having a DVR during this show is awesome! We can skip through the commercials, which are full of a lot of political ads. What fun, watching the politicians lie.

Missed a bunch due to parental duties, and maybe a game or twenty of poker on Facebook.

Actually, I didn't really miss much, since I can just rewind the DVR, but I shall not do that because there wasn't really anything to say other than Kara was swooning over a couple of dudes and Simon was mean to a Michael Jackson wannabe.

Bye bye Boston, tomorrow is Atlanta - I pray that I have something else to do. Unless, of course this is widely viewed and I become a super popular snarky voice on the Internet.