Saturday, August 1, 2009

So I Still Have My Fingers

It's Saturday.

It's Saturday with no work, well no paid work, to do.

Momma knows this, and has a list.

It is a very small list.

Seriously. I know!

The list included two major projects, okay not really that major, although one could be considered as such. So maybe I should call it one major project and one fixing of a nuisance. Yeah, that will work.

On June 11, my garage door broke. I know that this was the day, because it happened the same day that we got U-Verse and forgot about the outside world. Just kidding, but only about the losing contact part. I remember it happening after the installer was in my garage setting up the TV in there (it's no longer a garage, but a rec room/storage kind of thing) and he went downstairs to set up the TV in the family room. When we heard a loud crash coming from the garage. A quick peek showed nothing out of the ordinary, so I forgot about it.

A couple of days later, the kids were saying that the garage door wouldn't open. I figured that it was something silly, like a bike leaning on the door, or the garage door became disconnected somehow from the opener. I, of course, blamed the kids for pulling the release (why they would do that is beyond me, but at that moment I had nothing else {no, that isn't cool either, and is one of my faults}), only to find the spring swinging freely. Not good. I tried to open the door manually, but that didn't work either. So...

A month and a half later (hey, the weather wasn't exactly that great and the door didn't need to be opened - plus there was a baby coming and all kinds of other excuses...), I have the time, money and desire (strong push from Mom and Kids) to get it fixed. I figured that it would be best to replace both springs, since if one of them broke because of stress, or whatever, then the other might not be too far behind. Plus, they only cost $15, so why not? It seemed like a pretty straight forward job. Which it was, once I got my incorrect tools working the way that they are not are supposed to work. Sure there were a few cuts and I could have lost a finger, or two, because the spring didn't feel like cooperating. It's all water under the bridge, since it is now working, perfectly.

Now if I can only remember the weather strip. Three trips, so far, and still no strip - maybe I should send myself a reminder that repeats itself over and over every half hour or so. Naw. I'll remember the next time, I'm sure of it.

Kind of like how it only took three trips to get the correct screws to fix Jenni's rocker/glider. Technically, Andy made the final trip for that one. Never send a forty-one year old man, when an eighteen year old can do it better.

Then came the shopping trip, complete with fighting siblings...

Is it Monday yet?