Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pass the Excedrin

Imagine if you will a room of twenty-eight construction workers with hammers, very big hammers.

Now, imagine that these twenty-eight workers with very big hammers are inside your head, which if you were imagining this scenario, they would be.

Finally, these twenty-eight workers, with very big hammers, that are inside your head have a very strong desire to get out of their prison by utilizing said hammers of very large size. In case you aren't following along, the prison would be your head.

So, we now have a group of very large and muscular workers, with very large hammers, that are in a prison and have a very strong desire to escape, while utilizing the very large hammers that they are banging against the walls of this prison, in no particular cadence at all.

Probably would be very loud.

Definitely would be very painful and annoying.

Welcome to my head.

Good night.