Monday, August 10, 2009

Some People Don't Know When To Quit

In case you haven't been following the events of my recent past, please go here, here, and here first, then come back for the continuation...
An email was sent, on Saturday NIGHT...
GOB's Harassment continues. Early Friday morning GOB said to Bambi (another employee drawn into the mix) "Better be careful what you say to Fnewgy he may sue you." No one else was in at the time. This was at 7:45am. (Uh, I was there, as evidenced by this)
This was unprovoked. I have said nothing to GOB since our talk. He needs to understand that I will no longer put up with remarks. If this continues I will be forced to push the issue with Human Resorses.
I am on vacation this week and will be in the Wisconsin Dells. Please have a serious talk with him for the last time.
Thank you
Only the names have been changed, spelling errors are his. To think I thought it was going to be a quiet week.